Welcome to Amazon PuebloTM

What is the Amazon Pueblo project?

The Amazon Pueblo project is dedicated to helping the village of La Libertad, Amazonas, Colombia to live sustainably through the socially conscious production of cacao (chocolate). 

The best way for us to accomplish our mission is by helping the village to engage in socially conscious, sustainable business.  We believe that three areas may be developed to most successfully achieve this are:

1) large-scale agricultural production following sustainable, rainforest-friendly practices to grow organic cacao

2) processing the cacao into baking chocolate

3) teaching the villagers to run all aspects of the business and to maintain sustainability throughout all processes

We have helped to improved the infrastructure of the village.  We have made positive contacts with the local government.  Where do we go from here to achieve our mission?  The chocolate business!

To fund-raise and simply give the people of the Amazon "things" is not a sustainable model for our organization.  We believe that the best way to promote sustainability in the village of La Libertad, and throughout the region, is through socially conscious business.  The underused human capital of the village, and region, is seeking the opportunity to work and trade.  The resources of the Amazon are great.  The government is encouraging and willing to assist with development.  The Amazon Pueblo project will assist the village to develop sustainable cacao production.

Hector at the front of our boat.  This was one of our last trips on the river before I left in August, 2013.  We start out in the small stream that passes to the east of the village.  This stream then flows into the main channel of the Amazon.

Experience the village in person!

Many people I talk to are curious about the Amazon.  "What is it like?",  "Are the bugs bad?", and "Have you ever been bitten by a piranha while swimming?" are just some of the questions I been asked.  This site will help answer some of these questions by introducing you to a small Yagua indigenous village in the Colombia section of the Amazon River.  

And for the truly adventurous, how to visit the village, find the answers to your questions, and become part of their lives! 

Contact us at: 13 Sunset Street, Thomaston, Maine 04841, USA

email: benangulo@outlook.com