Education -Amazon School

The English Teaching Program of the Amazon Pueblo Project

As part of the project, we have an English teaching program that is organized and run by English-speaking volunteers to the pueblo.  While experience teaching English will be a definite help, with proper preparation and enthusiasm almost anyone could be a successful language teacher.

Please see our ENGLISH TEACHING PACK for more information. 


The Village School System 

As of now the village children have a three room schoolhouse.  They go to school until 12 noon.  The classes are from kindergarten until grade 5.  Grades 6 - 8 are in a neighboring village about a 30 minuet boat ride away.  The younger children still have an interest in school, but the in the older grades most students loose interest and attend class sporadically.  They do not see a strong connection between what they are leaning and the connection to their needs and lives.

The closest high school is a 4 hour boat ride away.  If they do attend high school, in addition to the cost of transportation and lunch, they must also pay for uniforms and school supplies.  If they do decide to live in the city they must find a place to stay, which is costly.  Very few students attend high school.


How will we try to overcome these problems and further the goals of the project?  Read on below!



What the Project Hopes to Someday Achieve


The organization Teach a Man to Fish, based out of the United Kingdom, has a great model for what they call Financially Sustainable Schools.  The schools are run, and grow, from the profits that they generate while teaching business skills and learning by doing.


Basically the students learn how to become successful financially as they learn to organize and run businesses in conjunction with their classes and with the help of the school.  The businesses may be in ecotourism, farming, making and selling handcrafts, small engine repair, or light industry.  The reason they learn math or reading is not just "because they will be tested", they learn math and reading because it will help them to better run the businesses that they, and the school, are profiting from NOW!

Read A Guide to Income Generation in Schools, in English. 

Read Guía para la Generación de Ingresos en las Escuelas, in Spanish.