Clean Cookstoves

The majority of the households in La Libertad collect firewood from the forest for cooking which represents a source of on-going deforestation. Furthermore the constant exposure (primarily of the women in the village) to the wood smoke can be damaging to health.

Although far from ideal, there appears to be limited readily available alternative options to this situation. As recognised by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves project, there needs to be an established industry set up to allow other alternative cooking methods to become economically viable and propagate through communities.

The implication is that it is unlikely that Amazon Pueblo on its own will be able to facilitate a change in the cooking methods used by the villagers, but may be able to play a useful role in assisting other organisation facilitate the change that is needed. Also, it is noted that some families (such as Gustavo’s) have been able to purchase small gas stoves as a back up when fire wood is not plentiful.

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