Clean Energy (Solar power / LED lighting)

Energy in La Libertad is currently provided by a diesel fuelled generator. At the time of visiting the generator was only running for limited hours during the evening but the government, which will reportedly provide electricity for longer periods of the day, had recently delivered a new generator.

While efficient and convenient, the diesel fuelled generators require expensive diesel fuel to operate, which also represents an environmental risk if not properly stored.

Solar power would offer a more environmentally friendly source of energy and there is an indication that this is becoming more popular in the Amazon region (there is a solar power shop next to the Waira Hotel Suites in Leticia). However, given that a new generator has recently been delivered it is felt that at this stage there is not the justification to invest in solar power when there are other higher priority issues to address.

Suggested next steps – visit the solar power shop when next in Leticia to understand costs associated with installation of solar panels, so that this can be factored in to any long term planning for the village.

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