Community Boat

The pueblo is located upstream from Leticia on the Amazon River, about 45mins by fast boat (on the Leticia-Puerto Nariño service) or approximately 2.5 hours by slower “dug-out” style boat with a small outboard. The cost of the fast boat can be prohibitive for the villagers, and in an emergency the slow boat can prove to be too slow to get to the hospital in Leticia (Gustavo reported that people from La Libertad have died on route to hospital because they have not been able to afford the fast boat).

A boat owned and operated by the village is a current priority for Gustavo and the Cayuco, both for emergency response and for finishing and general use by the village to aid tourism and economic development.

Updated research:

A new 13 hp motor was quoted at a price of 1,800,000 pesos ($950 USD) in the boating/waterfront area city of Leticia This is a 2 stroke "mud motor" which had a long shaft.

The 13 hp is a good comromise between size and cost.  The long shaft allows the boat to operate in very shallow water.







 For the boat a lightweight option is needed.  The most easily available in the Amazon region of La Libertad has an aluminum hull.  It would be about 16 feet long and cost about 15 million pesos ($7,000 USD).







Another boat option that may work is with a composite (plastic) hull.  An interesting choice is found in the Porta Bote for about$3,000 USD.  It is a little over 100 pounds, and may be transported as freight on an airplane.  It is half the weight of an aluminum boat of equal size.  Here is a link to their site: