Getting to La Libertad

From Bogotá to Leticia

The flight from Bogota to Leticia with LAN leaves daily at around 12 noon and arrives around 2pm.  (Copa Air also files to Leticia.)  The flight is around $200USD round trip.  To return the flight with LAN leave at around 3:30pm and arrive in Bogotá at around 5:30pm.  There is an 18,500COP  non-resident entry fee to pay at the airport.


City of Leticia

Once in Leticia it is recommended that you stay for a day to acclimatise to the heat and buy food and supplies for your stay.  You must purchase food and possibly water (depending on how comfortable you are with using the water filter in the village or other purification) for your sty in the village.  There is not adequate food to buy in the village for your stay. 

You may arrange to meet with Gustavo or one of his sons on the morning after arriving in the city.  They can help to buy and carry supplies.  They can also help with transportation.  However YOU MUST pay for their transportation to and from La Libertad, as they do not have the money to come to Leticia.  If they bring their own small boat the cost will be 50,000 for fuel.  If they go with you on the fast boat the cost will be 18,000 pesos per person.  

Check out the Leticia Wiki page.,_Amazonas and the Wiki travel guide,_Amazonas  

There are many hotels in Leticia. The Hotel Fernando Real (50,000COP- 70,000COP /night) is recommended, or alternatively the Casa Del Kurupira, Selvaventura.

Selvaventura is a travel agency and hostel owned by Felipe Ulloa who speaks English and is available for translation for 100,000COP/day.  (Translation is useful for orientating in La Libertad if you do not speak Spanish well). Felipe does not speak English with perfect fluency, but he speaks fairly well (Felipe may sometimes employ other translators).

The  Leticia is safe to walk about after dark, especially if you are with someone. However, the Brazilian town of Tabatinga just across the border is less safe and it´s not advisable to go there.


Leticia to La Libertad

Gustavo or one of his sons may meet you in Leticia and take you to the village (please read above). You may only reach the village by boat, either by taking the 4 hour slow boat (with Gustavo) or a 1 hour speed boat run by a private company. 

If you choose to go to La Libertad by yourself then you must take a speed boat (barco rapido) up the river.  A speed boat (1 hour ride) to the village cost about $18,000COP one way (tickets may be purchased on the boat docks below the the small police station called a CAI).  The speed boat departure times were at 8am, 11am, and 2p.  You must purchase the tickets well before departure time, at least 2 hours as they sometimes sell out quickly.  You must also arrive at the boat dock at least 30 minutes before departure time.

Once again, if you requested the help of Gustavo or his sons YOU MUST purchase their boat tickets as well.  They do not have sufficient funds to pay for their own passage when assisting other people.  In addition when I they pick me up I treat them to breakfast of a snack, as the cost of food in the city is usually more then they are able to pay.

WARNING -the location, times, and prices of the speed boat agency frequently change.  You must be proactive to secure transportation.  Please be patient and careful.  This is very much a developing country.