Ongoing English Instruction

Volunteers may teach English as a second language to the villagers.  Many parents of the village are eager for their children to learn English, as they see this as a way to greatly increasing their kid’s opportunities for future employment.  The classes have been well attended, but emphasis must be placed on making the lessons fun and engaging. 

Additionally some adults, especially those who desire to lead English-speaking tours, wish to learn English.  These classes have been taught apart from the children’s classes, are much smaller, and are held later in the day.

We are constantly striving to further develop this part of the project.  We welcome volunteers to create lesson plans, activities, and a record keeping system to chart the progress of the villagers.  There are, as of July 2012, two English instruction books in the village.  We hope to have more in the future.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP IN THIS AREA, YOUR EFFORTS WOULD BE WHOLEHEARTEDLY APPRECIATED! 

Please see the English Teaching Resource Pack for more information.

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