Project Handbook

The project handbook contains a list of the current projects being worked upon or that are under consideration.  A volunteer may pick from this list to help the village and design their own volunteer experience.

Off-site (and on-sight with prior arrangement) support will/may be provided by the project coordinator and other volunteers.

 What are the requirements?


  • Most of the projects require a person with expertise in a certain field. 
  • A basic understanding of Spanish is invaluable.
  • Some of the projects require a significant investment of money (volunteer driven fund-raising).
  • Some projects require a very significant amount of advanced planning and logistics.
  • Openness, flexibility, patience, and compassion.


Please take a look at the handbook to see where you would like to help!


1. Summary of projects with priorities, in table form

2. Water supply and storage capacity and water purification

This is our number one priority and the main focus of our current fundraising efforts.

3. Government Entitlements

4. ENGLISH INSTRUCTION a priority for the village children and adults in the guide business

5. Improved Access to Healthcare

6. Bathrooms (for village use)

7. Community Boat

8. Internet Connection

9. Supporting Eco-Tourism in La Libertad

10. Biofuels Growth and Processing

11. Data Collection

12. Wood Preservation

13. Clean Cookstoves

14. Beekeeping

15. Improved Waste Management

16. Additional Volunteer Facilities

17. Clean Energy (Solar power and LED lighting)

18. Copazu Cultivation