Student Resources

Welcome OSHSW students!

Here you will find information that will help in your exploration of the village of La Libertad, their problems and how you can help them with the solutions.

There are three section which may be of assistance:


Directions, Rubrics and Checklists

Directions with rubrics, checklists, and graphic organizers 


Research Links
Project Materials


These materials may be used as examples or guides. 



Amazon Pueblo Logo 



Guide for how to make a brochure, brochure templates for MS Office, brochure templates for 

Amazon Pueblo Brochure (available in two format, one for MS Word and the other in PDF)



This flyer was used for an Amazon Pueblo presentation at the Thomaston Public Library in 2012, in MS Word or PDF format.


Videos (for Spanish 2 students only) or Presentations

For video or presentations a storyboard must be used before working on the computer.  This will help the groups to organize their work and form the general ideas for the product.

Ultimate List of Free Storyboard Templates