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Unit Plan 1: Helping the indigenous community of La Libertad

Grade level: 8 and 9 

Subject: Spanish 1 and 2, foreign language

Number or lessons: 3

Number of class periods: 5-6

During this unit the students will research the culture of the village, identify problems of sustainability, and develop a way to communicate possible solution to the villagers.

Before lesson one the students will have a brief introduction (20 minutes) to the unit.

Lesson one will give the students an opportunity to focus their research on areas of their own interest.  The assessment for this lesson will include a typed proposal graded by a rubric of the observed problems and possible solutions.

During the second lesson the students will start the work on their specific sustainability problem and solution.  The assessment will consist of each group filling out a self-assessment rubric which the teacher will validate for accuracy.

The third lesson is the presentation of the finished products to the class.  The products will be submitted electronically or physically (depending on the medium), shown and discussed.  The assessments will include a final presentation rubric.

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